Soothe Allergies with Elderberry Boost

The soothing benefits of Elderberry Boost on allergies is nothing to sneeze at!

Spring is in the air and people are starting to feel the effects of allergy season. Although elderberry is most commonly known for its immune boosting properties, it provides great asthma and allergy relief too!  

Elderberry syrup is FULL of anti-inflammatory ingredients. Allergies are induced by an overreaction of the immune system, as well as inflammation. Elderberry's anti-inflammatory properties combined with immune regulating properties have been shown to calm allergies. 

Raw honey, which is a main ingredient in Elderberry Boost,is also very helpful in soothing allergies! According to a study, those who consume raw honey consistently are more likely to have reduced allergy symptoms. Results are best seen in those who consistently consume raw honey for a minimum of 8 weeks. By slowly introducing your body to pollen and other allergens present in the honey, your body creates a defense system against them.

You do not have to suffer through allergy season. See how Elderberry Boost has helped some of our customers below:

Allergies No More!

"LOVE THIS! I suffer from allergies and thought I was coming down with a sinus infection. I took this as directed ( every few hours) and felt better the next day. Definitely a staple in my health regiment". -LeTea

Tastes great & helps!

"I’ve been feeling sick. It started before the current virus outbreak. I started taking the supplement as soon as I received both jars. I shared one with my parents. It’s helped me feel better from the allergies & sinus issues I’ve had. I’m logging on right this minute to purchase more for other family members. Thanks for the great product!" -LosCinco

Love this stuff!

"This stuff is wonderful! Helps with allergies, energy, and builds your immunity! The best part is that it tastes great! I take it everyday and also give to my 4 year old daughter. We will definitely keep buying this!!" -Lindsey


"I have allergies, and I was running out of options from otc, nothing had been working and I bought this thinking I might as well give it a shot, I have to say I'm impressed, so far no more itchy, watery eyes, congestion is gone. I really was desperate to find something that worked, and I think I've found it, definitely will be buying more! Tastes great too." -Tammy

The real deal!

"So, in December my sister got sick and I said we should check out elderberry syrup. Went to our local Walmart found some and her symptoms were cleared up quickly. Since than I've been taking the same thing everyday. But I wanted the real deal! And I found it!! Elderberry Boost is simply delicious!! I deal with asthma, and allergies. December 2019 till now I've had no cold, or flu, sinus infection. I am so convinced this berry is heaven sent!! Can't wait to order more. Did I mention it tastes delicious??!!" -Renee




  • Instructions on using the syrup.

    Kathy Stutts
  • We are interests in Elderberry Boost Please get in touch with me just send me a message we live in Morristown Tennessee we want to try this for sure thanks and God Bless

    Imogene purkey
  • I am allergic to honey 🍯. Do you have it without the honey 🍯?

    Judy Fowler
  • Hubby n I started taking this Dec 1, last year. Love the taste! Took daily n are just getting close to finishing the bottle we had. I still got sick with allergies, ear inf n upper respiratory. Do I need to take mire??

    Norma armstead
  • Started taking this a couple weeks ago for allergies. I love it tastes great and have been able to cut back on meds. I wish they sold it by the gallon!

    Theresa Schaal

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