Which elderberry syrup is the best? The why behind it.

With the recent explosion in popularity, Elderberry has become more "mainstream" than ever before. It's amazing to see the benefits of elderberry become widely recognized and enjoyed. However, with this rise in popularity comes new companies and products, and all are not created equal

Elderberry Boost is the best brand in the marketplace. We do not make this statement lightly, and we certainly do not make it without supporting evidence. See below for details on why Elderberry Boost is the best option for you and your loved ones.

All-Natural Ingredients

If you go to any store with a pharmacy, you will likely find several elderberry products available. Syrups, gummies, etc. Take a second and look at the ingredients in these products. There is not a single product on store shelves that contain all-natural ingredients. These products are full of added sugars, preservatives, and ingredients that you cannot pronounce. 

But why? Simply put - these products are made for mass production and shelf stability. They are not produced with the consumer in mind - they are produced with profit in mind. 

Elderberry Boost is made of 7 simple ingredients. Elderberries, Water (to rehydrate the berries), Raw Honey, Ginger, Cinnamon, Clove, and Apple Cider Vinegar. All ingredients are organic, the highest quality, and sourced responsibly. 

We crafted a product with our own family in mind. Our family takes it daily. We give our own children the same exact product that we sell to our customers. In our mind, that is the highest possible endorsement.

If you have taken the steps to leverage the benefits of nature, why would you choose a product that is diluted with low quality filler ingredients? 

Cost Effective

The answer to the above question is most often "cost". But cost is a relative factor. For example, you can purchase a jar of elderberry syrup from Walmart for around $10. Ignoring the fact that this product is full of artificial sugars and preservatives, its also only a 4 oz bottle. So, extrapolating this to a 16 oz jar (our best seller), the price comparison is $40 to $21.99. 

To take it further, a price per ounce comparison against other leading "all-natural" brands available:

Elderberry Boost: $1.37 per ounce

1. Competitor A - $1.97 per ounce

2. Competitor B - $2.19 per ounce

3. Competitor C - $4.39 per ounce

So - against our lowest priced competitor, Elderberry Boost is still 30% less expensive. 

Zero Compromise

Let's dig a little deeper into the other "all-natural" brands available on the market. There are several that claim to be all-natural, and at one point, they were. But many have compromised as they have grown. Be aware and check the labels. Here are some of the ingredients being used in syrups, tinctures, and gummies offered by other "all-natural" companies:

Caranuba wax - Yes. The same wax used to protect car paint from the outdoor elements.


Sodium Citrate

At Elderberry Boost, we refuse to compromise our products. We spend countless hours developing products that are truly all-natural. Our gummies are a perfect example. Most companies partner with gummy producers to make a "custom" product. But these companies have a certain process, and this process requires ingredients to help harden and coat gummies. You don't want these ingredients. 

We quickly realized the only option to a truly all-natural gummy was to create our own process. And we have. It has not been without speedbumps, but we weren't going to take shortcuts or compromise the integrity of our products.

Safe, Licensed 

Elderberry Boost products are made in a fully licensed and audited commercial kitchen. Our kitchen is held to the strictest food safety standards, and must pass inspection on a regular basis. 

We are very in-tune with the market and are aware of the many small elderberry companies that have popped up. Unfortunately, we are also aware that many are producing products in their home kitchens. This is not only illegal, but it brings food safety concerns into the picture. 

Commercial kitchens follow strict sanitation and food allergen requirements. These are far greater than standard cleaning practices most people follow at home. Products produced in unlicensed home kitchens cannot guarantee allergen safety, contamination that leads to mold, and proper sanitation methods.


As mentioned above, not all elderberry products are created equal from many perspectives - one of them being potency. Many off-the-shelf products contain anywhere from 50-400 mg per serving in syrup, and quite a bit less than that in gummies.

Elderberry Boost offers an astounding 1200 mg per serving in our syrup, and 400 mg per gummy. Both are near, or at the top, of the market. And again - Elderberry Boost is considerably less expensive.


Taste is obviously a personal matter, but we have consistent feedback from customers about our superior flavor profile. Parents tell us all the time that their kids beg for their daily Elderberry Boost. 

We started this company because we loved the benefits of elderberry, but the off-the-shelf options had to be choked down. They tasted terrible, and we found that we had to force ourselves to take it - which means it was easy to overlook on a daily basis.

Once we crafted our own syrup, and perfected the recipe for the best possible flavor profile, we started taking it daily with ease. And our customers agree.

In summary, while there are several options on the market, Elderberry Boost clearly stand above the rest. This is the best value money can buy. Top quality, lowest price. Why would you buy anything else?



  • Do you have a phone number to call so I can ask someone questions and then order?

    Gloria Lindsay
  • I could not agree more. I love your blog writing style but I have seen your product work for myself. Recently, the principal of my school tried a jar that I gifted him and he raved about it and will probably become a loyal customer now. I am introducing a pastor’s wife to your product (as soon as my shipment arrives) and I know that she will be blessed to end a cycle of colds that have run the course in the household. The research is pretty iron-clad and I am so glad that God saw fit to allow our paths to cross. Best product on the market. Hands down. The only problem now is that my diabetic dad wants to use it as pancake syrup because it’s too delicious so it’s honey-free for him. LOL. Keep making the world a brighter and healthier place. You are truly a stand-up business in a pass-the-buck world. :-)

    Wendy Aguiar
  • Hello!! I’ve been taking your elderberry for about 2 years now. I Can not tell you how happy I was to find you! Even my Dr when she started preaching about the flu vaccine this year, never mind the coronavirus I told her about what I was doing. She stopped me and told me there was no protection. Once I told her to check for herself and I had no plan on changing things, she wrote down elderberry boost to look for herself. When I went for my blood pressure check she told me she was happy to see I wasn’t consuming junk. . I never plan on taking anything else! Thank you for what you do

    Debbie Trudeau

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