How to Maximize Excel - All Natural Focus, Motivation and Clarity Supplement

Our new product, Excel, is an all-natural brain supplement (nootropic) that helps stimulate cognitive activity, increase focus, improve memory, among other great benefits. And here is the best part - it actually works! We have personally tried multiple nootropics that range from ineffective, to effective for a short period of time. Excel is formulated to work both immediately, and in the long-term.

However, there are a few things that can help maximize the effects of Excel.

  1. Take Excel daily - without fail! It can seem harmless to miss a day, but if you want to maximize the long-term effects, it is best to not skip.
  2. Additionally, split the serving into two smaller doses. Morning, as part of your vitamin routine, and early afternoon, is the best combination.
  3. During the morning dose, take Excel with a multi-vitamin. The vitamins help your body absorb the nutrients from Excel and maximize their ability to impact your body positively.
  4. If you do not feel the effects within 2-3 days, we recommend increasing the dose from 1 pill to 2 pills. Some bodies metabolize differently than others, and a higher dosage may be needed. Rest assured, this is still very safe.
  5. Finally, persevere! It is not uncommon for bodies to adapt to vitamins. Just as your body may build a tolerance to caffeine, it can build tolerances to vitamins as well. While taking Excel, you may notice a short time frame where it feels as though your body has adapted and built a tolerance. This is typically a short-term feeling, with the effects coming back strong after a a few days to a week. 

Excel is truly a game changer in our own family. It has helped me increase my ability to focus on a daily basis, and has helped with my husbands ADD tremendously. We have heard from many customers about the positive benefits they have experienced, and encourage you to try it as well. You may be one step away from unlocking your true potential, with Excel.

Here is some of the feedback we have received:

"I’ve been able to focus much better at work and I don’t get as easily annoyed by people around me when I take this" - Jen

"Does the job. Plus more. It’s now part of my daily routine." - Mike L

"...I feel more clarity and less brain fog! Already taking the syrup and drink the tea daily. Thank you for such great product!" - Mari C.

"I’m 35 and have noticed a lot less Brian fog after covid. I’m on my second bottle and able to focus a lot better. But the real story I have a 70 year old uncle who is full time care taker to his spouse. She always complained he forget everything. Gave him a bottle to try the vitamins out huge night and day difference. No longer forgets if he’s given her the meds. He has so much more energy too. Constantly says how grateful he is with the vitamins." - Tania S.






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