9 Creative Ways to Reuse Glass Jars

We often get asked why we choose to use glass jars, especially with the risks of shipping such a fragile product. Well, we have several reasons for going that route. First, we are an environmentally conscious company, and glass is much better for the environment than plastics, for a variety of reasons.

Additionally, using glass jar helps to provide the delicious, fresh taste of our Elderberry Boost syrup, and aids in the long shelf life of its health benefits. The non-porous glass material creates a barrier to prevent air and chemicals from leaking in. This allows for the most pure version of our product, without the need to add preservatives and filler ingredients.

But once you finish it, what happens to the empty jars -  especially when you are taking a daily dose (as recommended) and start a collection? Ideally, your city can recycle them. But what if it doesn't, or you want to take the sustainable step to keep them closer to home?

Fortunately, glass jars can last a lifetime and are one of the more versatile vessels that we can use when we get creative. Here are just a few ideas to get you started:

1) Food Storage

Many health stores offer dry groceries in bulk and allow you to bring your own containers. Think nuts, legumes, coffee beans, etc. Alternatively, groceries you buy in plastic bags can be transferred to the jars for prolonged freshness!

2) Make Refreshing Tea 

For a refreshing drink, put 1-2 tea bags (try our Elderberry Energy for a fruity boost!) or a few sprigs of fresh herbs (lavender, mint) in a jar filled with water in the fridge. Let it brew for an hour or more, depending on the flavor strength you desire. Here is a great recipe to make sun tea as well.

3) Flower Vases 🌻

Adding a few cut flowers to a jar filled halfway with water is an easy way to add a bright pop to any room.

4) Drinking Glasses

Glass is simply the best material for holding your beverages. Water, juice, wine- you name it! No need to buy new cups anymore.

5) Charming Homemade Lights🕯

Place a candle in an empty jar for an easy way to add a soft glow to a room. Or, carefully stuff a small string of battery powered lights inside to create your own fairy jar.

6) Household Storage

Sure, glass is ideal for storing food but it can be so much more. Use jars to organize your smaller household items that tend to clutter -  hardware, buttons, rubber bands, pencils, etc.

7) Learn a New Foodskill

Doing a little online searching will yield so many guides to experiment in ways to help your gut health - and create a fun hobby. Try to ferment some farmers market veggies (easy sauerkraut anyone?), or to sprout seeds for a nutrient packed green!

8) Donate Jars
Check into your local organizations for who might use glass jars. Schools, recycled art supply stores & even neighbors on Craigslist might need them for a project.

9) Get Crafty with Kids (or Adults)

There's no shortage of ways to creatively use art supplies to decorate a jar for a gift or a sweet handmade touch for your home. Grab paint, glue & tissue paper, ribbon or whatever materials you have to make a unique jar! This makes a great way to keep kids entertained on a summer day, and great gifts for grandparents. :)

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