Introducing: Rest Easy - An All-Natural Sleep Remedy

Here at Elderberry Boost, we believe in the power of all-natural healing and wellness. And while our roots lie within the seemingly endless benefits of elderberry, we also recognize the amazing (and endless) benefits available to us via other herbs and plants. As a result, we are excited to introduce our newest product - Rest Easy.

Rest Easy is an all-natural sleep remedy. It combines the powers of 6 different herbs to help calm the mind, ease the body, and help you gently fall asleep. Not only does it help you fall asleep, its helps you stay asleep. 

And here is the best part - no morning grogginess the next day. Wake up refreshed and ready to hit the ground running.

What makes Rest Easy better than the many options on the market? Well, let me explain.

  • Rest Easy was created with care and intention. We carefully researched, with hours upon hours of evaluating studies on the efficacy and effects of many herbs, to narrow down a list of potential ingredients that actually work. After researching, we went through dozens of recipes to fine-tune the right ingredients (and the right amount). This is our recipe, not a private label - and its tested on our own family and friends. 


  • 100% All-Natural - Many sleep aids available today are made of synthetic and potentially harmful ingredients. They mess with your circadian rhythms and can even interrupt REM. They help you fall asleep, but they don't necessarily ensure a quality nights rest. Rest Easy works with your body to create a natural sleep, so you get all the benefits of a good nights rest. And its truly 100% all-natural - a blend of 6 natural herbs.


  • No Melatonin - Melatonin has been growing in use and popularity for years now. But guess what? It may not be good for you to use melatonin supplements. While true that it is a hormone naturally produced by your body, there are several downsides to utilizing a synthetic supplement. Many new studies are emerging about the use of melatonin creating health problems, one of which may be linked to Alzheimer's. 

Rest Easy is made of a proprietary blend of 6 ingredients - Passion Flower, Valerian Root, Skullcap Herb, Catnip Leaf, Hops Flower, and Clove Bud. It comes in tincture form (alcohol free), and is available in a 1 oz jar, with 30 servings. 

We are so excited to bring this new product to our customers. We hope it benefits you the way it has benefited us.


  • Can Rest Easy be used by an 8 yr old?

    Lori Fuchs
  • I was super excited to try this product. In the past, I have tried Benadryl, Melatonin, Chamomile tea, and warm milk. This product helps me become drowsy, fall asleep faster, and rest soundly. I love it !!!

    Anne Barnes

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