Managing Your Elderberry Boost Subscription

Welcome to the Elderberry Boost family! We are so happy to have you here and have made it super simple to manage your recurring orders. 

We understand that life happens and sometimes you’ve got to make changes - skipping an order or updating a card for payment. We’ve put together this little guide to support you in making the changes as you need, with no fuss. And of course we are always an email or text away to assist!

Here you will learn to:

1) Change the frequency of your orders
2) Update your shipping/billing address
3) Edit your payment info
4) Change products in your order
5) Skip an order
6) Cancel subscription

  • To start - once you are logged into your account at, you’ll want to click on the person icon in the upper right corner to get into “My Account”.  The “My Account” page shows your order history and account details. To make any modifications to any recurring orders you can click on the “Manage Subscription” link.


1) Change Frequency of Your Order

  • To change how often you receive your order (1-3 weeks or 1-3 months), select the “Change frequency” link then “Save Changes”.


2) Update your shipping/billing address
  • To update your shipping address or your billing address, click the  “Address and shipping information” from the drop down menu. Then click the “Edit” link under each to enter the location.

3) Edit Your Payment Info
  • To update your payment method, click “Payment information” on the drop down menu. You can then submit a new card number, its associated expiration date & CVC, then click “Save Changes”.

4) Change Products in Your Order
  • To manage the products you receive in your recurring order, click “Products in your subscription” from the drop down menu. Click “Edit quantity” to change the quantity. If you want to change the product you receive in your order you can click “Swap product” to select the new one.

5) Skip an Order
  • To skip an order, click on “Manage upcoming orders” from the drop down menu which will display your future orders. Here you can click “Skip order” or you can “Edit quantity” to increase or decrease the product for that specific order.


6) Cancel subscription
  • To cancel your subscription, click “Cancel Subscription” from the drop down menu and click the red “Cancel Subscription” button. It will ask for a confirmation, to which you can select “Cancel” or “Keep”. Remember, you can always pause your subscription. Pausing your subscription will keep you locked into your current rate. We will never raise your price on your subscription. If you cancel and restart a subscription, the current pricing will apply. 

Subscriptions are a great way to save you time and to make sure you always have your Elderberry Boost products on hand. Subscribers get an extra 10% off all products and get exclusive deals throughout the year.


Stay Boosted,

Elderberry Boost Family 


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