Antioxidant and Allergy Soothing Breakfast Smoothie

Elderberry Morning Smoothie


The sun is shining & birds are singing here with the emergence of spring. Pack an extra boost into the beginning of your days with this super simple Morning Elderberry Smoothie!

As flu & cold season wanes, allergy season is upon us - take a tablespoon of Elderberry Boost syrup everyday to continue to stay healthy & keep sniffles at bay. It is also an antioxidant powerhouse! The syrup is so yummy on its own by the spoon but if you’re looking for ways to mix up your intake this smoothie is a great alternative.

This bright smoothie nourishes you with its sweet, tart berries mixed with the creaminess of the banana & coconut milk allowing the dark greens to blend right in.  It’s a delicious breakfast or snack for all ages. Plus, the syrup finishes the flavor with a subtle spice from the cinnamon, ginger & clove.



-1 cup of coconut milk (or your preferred non-dairy milk)

-1/2 cup of frozen blueberries

-1 banana

-1 tbsp of Elderberry Boost syrup

-a handful of spinach or kale

(makes 1 smoothie)


Blend everything together in your food processor & enjoy!

- Try adding in some extras: hemp seeds, protein powder, acai juice, shredded coconut for extra flavor 

- Make one or two batches, then pour into popsicle molds for a frozen treat!

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  • Do you only have 1 size of the honey free syrup?
    If not honey, what sweetener is used?


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