Protect Yourself From the Stomach Bug

As we enter prime Springtime, viruses like the Flu and Norovirus tend to slow down until the fall. However, this year has been different. Over the past few months, cases of the Flu and Norovirus have been spiking, and is expected to continue.

The Norovirus, in particular, has been spreading throughout the United States. Also referred to as "the stomach bug" or "stomach flu", the Norovirus is actually a completely different viral infection. A nasty one at that, with symptoms of:

  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting
  • Nausea
  • Stomach Pain

Eek. If you ask me, there is nothing worse than those symptoms. Especially if you have children who may not have the "control" to make it to a sink or bathroom.

So, how do you protect yourself? See below.

1. Wash your hands - Hand sanitizer does not work as well on the Norovirus. So washing with soap and water is critical. Remember - 30 seconds, or sing "Happy Birthday" to yourself twice.

2. Rinse fruits, vegetables - Norovirus tends to thrive on foods, especially shellfish. And it is somewhat resistant to heat. So make sure your exposed foods are washed thoroughly, and cooked thoroughly.

3. Keep your immune system strong - It is easy to get numb to immune system talk, with how prevalent it has been since COVID hit. But do not let your guard down - that is the quickest way to get hit with a new virus.

As you are aware, elderberry is a fantastic immune system regulator, and kicks it into high gear when it is needed. So taking your Elderberry Boost daily will  help keep you protected.

But there is more than just immune system benefits. Elderberry is also known as an Anti-Viral. It works by coating cells to help prevent viral cells from attaching to them - which is how infections spread. 

So - take your Elderberry Boost daily. Our family has started taking it twice a day just to be safe. We have been surrounded by people in the past few weeks that have contracted COVID, the Norovirus, and the Flu. All on the basketball team my son plays on, and my husband coaches. So our family has been in close contact with all of these viruses - and we have maintained our health! 

Stay Boosted.


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  • I’m wanting to freeze my elderberry juice in an ice cube tray. Will it freeze well?
    Thank you, Blanche Adams

    Blanche Adams
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  • Does it work against norovirus bc I too have a huge phobia. My so.n is 3 can he take the syrup

  • Does this really prevent stomach bug? I have a large phobia of that illness and will do all I can to avoid it.


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